Who We Are

We are a boutique consulting group that was thoughtfully designed such that we could bring fresh, differentiating and value adding solutions to businesses struggling to find their way in this slow growth and competitive economy. We are business people that live in the REAL WORLD.  breakthrough in nature.

We see ourselves as practical, experienced (have made lots of our own mistakes), non judgmental and just good solid business architects that can cover most disciplines and many industries.

  • Patrick J. Hehir¬†founded BVG Intl LLC in 2009 after dedicating his 25 yr career to improving Business Performance and helping companies grow and increase their value as perceived and measured by all constituents.

Patrick heads up the Business Assessment and Diagnostics, Operations, Organizational Design, Strategic Planning, Outsourcing, Product Life Cycle Management, Business Excellence, Large Scale Change, and is a master architect of efficient business systems. He works tirelessly at making complex issues simple as he realizes how difficult that is, but how critically important it is for executives and their teams.

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